I can’t believe this is my last in-depth post!

I’ve gained a lot of valuable skills and learned a bunch of new concepts over the past four months. I took a different approach this year because rather than learning a skill I was changing the way I was living (which arguably could be a skill from certain perspectives). I’m glad I chose to do this because the experience I’ve had this year is vastly different than last year. Over the past four weeks, I’ve been perfecting the skills I’ve learned before and starting to make little transitions such as in beauty routines and hygiene and transportation.

Chapter 9: Concepts

Because my in depth has so many more components rather than just one set skill, I’ve had to reach out to a lot of mentors for help. Recently, I reached out to my mentor from last year who helped me with sewing. She taught me a lot about sewing, designing, and creating. She wasn’t able to meet up with me for our schedules wouldn’t line up, but she did have time to call me.

We talked about the concept of reusing. Although this sounds self explanatory for my project is to reduce my environmental foot print, breaking down this word creates a huge impact in my perspective. She talked to me about how reusing isnt just using the same thing over and over again, its taking something old and turning it into something new; whether that’s physically altering it, giving it to someone else for a second life, or looking at it through a different lens. For example, an old t-shirt can be turned into cotton swabs to take off my makeup. Its as simple as cutting out circles and sewing them together. When she told me this change, I was taken back. How could something so simple not have ever crossed my mind? I can reuse these cotton swabs as well, just throw it in the wash! Similarly, cutting up old towels to make reusable paper towels!

Another concept that’s been reoccurring in my project is change. Change, change, change that seems to be all ive been doing. Changing my diet, changing my form of transportation, changing the way I buy things. I must admit, it did get frustuarting sometimes. Especially when I was changing the way I ate. I am a very impulsive buyer when it comes to food. The amount of profit places like 7/11 have gotten off of me from candy and drinks is insane. It took me a while before I convinced myself that I didn’t NEED those things and in fact they were damaging to both me and the environment. It helped when my mentors would tell me how it was hard for them to change too. Sanaz (who helped me with recycling) told me that at first, she didn’t know a single thing about recycling, but it just takes a little bit of will power and knowledge to make a huge difference. I’ve learned that change isnt always huge, but the change you make could drastically impact how you live.

Chapter 10: Alternatives

The way that I’ve been attacking my project is by learning it skill by skill and learning it through transition time. My mentors have all taught me to take things slow and to try to learn a new habit. Its hard to suddenly drop everything and change. For food, Ms. Fang has given me the alternative of rather than dropping all meats, limit it to a certain amount per day or per week. She also suggested to finish what’s in the pantry before moving on. I’ve read online the same things with makeup. Finish everything you have first before you start to make a transition.

If I were to have taken a different route, I could have gone cold turkey. I could have cut all waste out of my life at once. This would have been a lot harder, but I would of seen results faster. Another alternative I could of done is simply cutting plastics out of my life. This might seem the same but cutting plastics out means no recycling at all which would have posed more of a challenge. Overall, there were a lot of alternate routes I could have chosen, but I’m glad I did it the way I did.

Learning center!

This one was a little hard to think of.  I originally wanted to create a video that shows all the milestones during my project; however, the microphone of my phone is broken meaning I don’t have a device I could record it on. Creating a tri-fold would have been contradictory to the point because in a sense it would create waste. So, after hours of pondering I’ve come to the conclusion that rather than creating a display of what I’ve learned, I will be what I’ve learned. Ill bring in all the new things I’ve made from old things such as make up wipes, reusable straws, even Tupperware containers just to show the audience how easy it is to make a simple switch. If possible, I will ask to bring out the new bin system to my learning center to show that with a little extra thought it could do a great deal. (Ill check to use the one in front of the cafeteria because I think that one’s empty). As well as, I will bring links to resources that people can use if they want to learn more. I will be the main source of information to share my personal experience with everyone and hopefully give people more insight on what its like.