In-depth recently has been brought down to more of a lull because I’ve gotten the hardest part (in my opinion) down which is food. Recently, I’ve focused a lot more on composting and recycling. My past mentor Mrs. Fang wasn’t as educated on this but my mom introduced me to one of her co-workers who lives alone and has a very effective recycling system going on in her household. This is a conversation I had with her.

Sanaz: What do you want to know?

This is the BLUE hat. This sets us up for the rest of our discussion and our meeting

Me: I want to be able to have a brief understanding of recycling and composting so I can start to implement these methods into my life.

Sanaz: What do you already know?

This is the WHITE hat. This question allowed me to tell her exactly what I knowledge I wanted her to help me with.

Me: From our school recycling system, I know it’s split into a couple of groups. The waste (which I’m trying to avoid), the food waste (which is what I’m composting), and the recyclables (paper, cardboard etc.) and the refundable (cans bottles etc.). That aside, I don’t know much about anything else.

Sanaz: Well, you know a little more than you think. In Port Moody, they hand out magnets and calendars that show you which things go where. The most important thing to keep in mind is recycling is more than just throwing things in the blue bin. Don’t forget to check the numbers on the back of the container

We then proceeded to talk about the difference between the numbers and what should go where.

Me: But what do I do with plastics that I can’t recycle? or what if I throw things in the wrong category?

This is the BLACK hat. It points out where I can go wrong and some flaw.

Sanaz: The most important thing is to be thorough and to trust yourself. It’s hard to transition at first because you forget to check and just throw everything in the blue bin. Every time you catch yourself making a mistake, mark it down and wait till it tallies up. Although this sounds daunting, the tallies will add up and to avoid more, you’ll start to become conscious of where you’re throwing what.

This is the GREEN hat (get it, cause I’m going green). Sanaz helped me come up with a way to keep track of my recycling rather than just shooting me down.

Sanaz: The most important thing throughout this process is that you’re always consciously trying. There’s bound to be mistakes but as long as you learn and acknowledge them, recycling and composting will be like second nature to you soon. I started being picky about my recycling, and although this sounds cheesy it’s true when a friend showed me videos of all the garbage dumps in the ocean. Change starts from one of us and I think it’s a good idea your learning this young.

This is the YELLOW hat. Sanaz showed me why she’s so involved with recycling and some of her values. Through this, we connected more. It also shows a little bit of the RED hat because she stated change starts from one person and that’s something she believes in and what keeps her going.

Sanaz was a great help to my In Depth and I’m glad she spared some of her time to help me!

Until next time!