Canada with all its differences aside holds a sense of unity, bringing us together as a country with many nations. We as a whole are too wide spread and have too many different morals and values to be able to stand as a nation. One of Canada’s key virtues is holding a sense of cultures from around the world due to how openhearted we are. Many people are thankful that “being Canadian is like being […] big family” (Macdonald, 2016) because it gives them a sense of belonging that they couldn’t get in their home countries. We have such a diverse demographic within our borders. The concept of post-nationalism means that the individual nations lose their importance and identity. Canada’s nation holds a large part in our identity. We have the “French-speaking province of Quebec already constitutes one distinctive nation, as do the 50-plus First Nations spread across the country” (The Guardian, 2017) plus all of the immigrants and refugees. With each person crossing Canada’s borders and calling it home, they bring in a fraction of culture with them to build towards the bigger picture, what consists of Canadian identity. However, this concept of Canadian identity differs for all. Canada, in terms of land mass, is the third biggest countries. We touch three separate oceans. On this land lies so many different nations that its impossible for us to be one whole nation. There’s a difference between patriotism and nationalism. In this scenario “patriotism is what makes us behave unselfishly” (Hannan, 2016). All Canadians follow a set of laws which allow them to live freely, practicing their own customs and religion. Which means we have such a diverse community its impossible for us to all be on the same page unless its on a rule book. To build off of that “Healthy nationalism encourages diverse people to cooperate” (Vancouver Sun, 2016), so Trudeau’s idea might be more obscured than it sounds.Therefore, although Canada respects and welcomes people of all different nations, we ourselves are not a nation and merely borders of a country that encompass different cultures.