Just from the past two weeks, I’ve already started to feel the stress of in-depth kick in! Even with the stress, I am very excited to watch the rest of it unfold.

My goal up to today was to find a mentor, do some research on zero-waste living and start to go zero waste in my food. I can happily say I’ve achieved 2.5 of these goals. I found a mentor who is vegetarian and eats relatively clean. Although she isn’t zero waste, she has some insight on eating healthier and the general rule of thumb is the healthier you eat the less trash is formed.

I found my mentor through my mom. I’ve added her on wechat which is primarily where I text her. I’ve met up with her once briefly and she showed me her fridge and what meals she cooks for breakfast. She showed me simple alternatives for breakfast that use almost all zero waste foods. The one that I have incorporated yesterday was banana and oatmeal. Basically, you mash two bananas and mix it with around one cup of oatmeal. Afterwards, you add the amount of honey you desire and some trail mix and it makes a delicious breakfast. All these materials I can find zero waste (bulk store, glass packaging). However, I am still trying to find alternatives for lunch and dinner.

When I met up with her, I asked her questions such about her choice to go vegetarian and how it impacts her life. She told me that as a child she wasn’t allowed to eat beef because of religion and as time passed, she just started to eat vegetarian. Her husband eats gluten-free, so it also helps with that. She told me eating vegetarian has helped her with healthy living and planning her meals. I told her that I was an impulsive eater where when I crave something, I usually buy it. There have been multiple times where I have impulsively bought something from the cafeteria or skip the dishes when I knew I wasn’t that hungry. Through our hour together, I learned a lot about her lifestyle and how I can apply some of her techniques to my life. The biggest technique I learned was to wait 10 minutes before I buy something to eat from outside and drink water first. I might just be thirsty rather than hungry.

Although my goal for this month was to eat zero waste, there have already been times I’ve slipped and its only been three days! The main reason is because this weekend has been the Chinese New Year weekend, so I’ve been going out a lot to have hot pot or going out for lunches and dinners. But, after this weekend, I am determined to stick to my plan!

As for the research part, the majority of my research was from this blog https://www.goingzerowaste.com/. This has helped me a lot because it shows me the pros and cons and as well as how to slowly transition into zero waste. I’ve commented on some blog posts to ask questions and learned a lot through this website. If I can find the money, I am defiantly going to buy the book 101 ways to go zero waste.  Something obvious but interesting I’ve learned is that going zero waste is also engages a healthier lifestyle. This is because going zero waste means I can’t have food with packaging which means no junk food or preservatives. I’ve also subscribed to some zero waste youtube channels Shelbizlee.

My next steps in in depth as stated before is to continue eating zero waste for hopefully all three meals by the end of the month and also to continue doing research and reading blogs.

Until next next Sunday!