Related to your learning evidence, what have you done to make retrieving information easier or more effective in class?

Related to my last DoL, I said I would do some speeches in the halls to myself. I realized that wasn’t effective and I didn’t like the idea after sleeping on it. Therefore, I decided to record some audio of my own impromptu speeches to decipher in class. This way, I can spend my in-class time picking apart my speech and relating them back to my notes that I used to plan my speech. I limit myself to 5 minutes of preparation time for a 3-4 minute speech.

It also helps when I find something specific, I don’t like, I can spend my in-class time doing more research on how to fix or why it isn’t working out. Recently, I’ve been comparing my impromptu speeches to others impromptu speeches I found online that I like. The link goes to a video of some impromptu speeches that really stuck with me.

This speech helped me because although it wasn’t perfect, her body language is open and she has a steady tone. I’ve been using this as my main example to learn and grow off of.