Statement: People lose their identities when they pretend to be something their not.

I deeply agree with this statement. There is never a way where we can truly be ourselves. Even though the final decision comes to us, social influence will always play its part. However, as long as we stay in touch with ourselves we will never lose a sense of who we are; as soon as we turn face, we lose our identity. We start to derail and lose touch of reality. We believe we are one thing and we push above and beyond to strive to hold that standard, sometimes hurting others or even ourselves in the way. Losing our identity isn’t always voluntary. Manipulation can create a performance where we don’t know we are the actors. Someone or something may pull strings in our brains and emotions to make us think we are something we’re not and if held long enough we become what they want us to be, losing our past self. An example is Stockholm syndrome, a feeling of trust or affection in a hostile situation. The captor can create illusions in your head to make you feel that you trust them, that’d you do anything for them and when serious, they will take advantage of you. I lost myself to Stockholm syndrome. I thought I loved someone I didn’t and it took me a dire experience to realize that I was no longer the person I knew. I was changed completely, and it took me time and courage to find myself again. That’s the thing, if we lose something, there is always a chance we can find it again.