Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to negotiate the British North American Act, whether or not the provinces should confederate and govern for themselves, leaving the arms of England. Present here today, we have the province of Canada, the Maritimes, prince Edward island, Newfound land, and Nova Scotia.

While the colonies are under England’s control, England must provide the colonies with funds to cover for the expenses that they need for any development, and some of these funds can be expensive such as the railroads. The British mainland is paying for the expansion of two land masses, and is taking up valuable money and time. And though taxes could be raised to cover for these funds, we have seen the outcomes of what happened before, and do not want a repeat. Have we let the colonies govern for themselves, England could save precious money and time to expand on the mainlands.

We have seen and experienced what happened when we put hostile restraints on our empire. The bloodshed and wars with America have taught us, that we don’t always need political control when the colonies can be independent. We are glad that the colonies have approached us to avoid trivial conflicts and war, and instead to seek out for a better future for both parties.

However, we cannot neglect to recognize, that if we were to let go of the colonies, there would be drawbacks. The colonies have provided many resources and materials for England, and if we were to follow through with confederation, England would lose easy access to resources that we take for granted. Keeping political and economic control over these resources would benefit the people, development, and economy of England greatly, but the repercussions that could come with that could lead to destruction of our relationship with the colonials.

I speak for myself and for the vast majority of England when I say that I take deepest interest in confederation for it will make the provinces great and prosperous. We have watched and learned from our conflicts with America, and believe, that if we were to discuss a peaceful treaty, we could expand and prevent history from repeating itself. The British North American colonies would be independent, while still loyal to English reign.

With all this said, I would like to ask everyone to please be seated and let us begin todays conference.