It’s the final stretch of In Depth! Over time, these past couple of months have flew by with this project. Since spring break, I’ve made quite a bit of progress. I made my first piece of clothing from scratch over the break before then I was mainly working on technique and new skills. Since my first piece of clothing (pajama pants) I’ve been a little more risky with my choices.

Lately I’ve been devoting my weekends to sewing and upcycling old pieces of clothing. Sarah J. kindly lent me her pattern for a simple dress. While I was making this piece, I ran into a couple of dilemmas. One of which, is the fabric I bought. Because I am on a budget, I decided to go to value village and pick up some bed sheets with patterns that I liked. This was the first problem because the design I picked out wasn’t exactly fit for a dress. Another problem I ran into was the fact that I got ahead of myself and disregarded the instructions and went rogue. The product wasn’t what I wanted exactly and didn’t really fit my style, which was something that I wanted to achieve at the beginning of in depth. However, after a little bit of redesigning and a lot of hemming, cutting and frustration, I was able to come turn my original fail of a dress into a cute baggy tank top. I paired this up with a short sleeve jean jacket and a pair of leggings and Timberlands (fake ones because real ones are expensive whoops). I was very very happy with my results and it motivated me to keep coming up with ideas.


tank top: old bed sheet, 4 hours


I started a look book where I sketch out my designs and the materials I need to that I can keep track of what I want to make. Some other things I’ve created are ripped jeans and embroidered shirts and accessories (scrunchies, headbands etc.)  I’m currently planning to create my own pattern and create a stripped shirt, overalls, work on embroidery and up cycle a pair of shoes and stockings!

To display my work, I plan on creating a learning center. I’ve asked a couple of my friends have volunteered to model my work (they are performing) and they will wear the clothes and behind them I will put a picture of my inspiration with my creation. Underneath each comparison of pictures, I’ll write the materials I used, the amount of time it took, and how much it cost/how much money I saved!

I can’t wait to present my learnings and I really think I found something I’m passionate for through this project. Thank you for this great opportunity!!