As of week 11 things are going smoothly. In the past two weeks, I haven’t gotten a chance to work with Darcee for the past two weeks due to the fact I’ve been in China. Luckily, my grandma knows how to use a sewing machine and often sews herself, I was able to pick up a few things there. Therefore, in this blog post, rather than talking about my experience with Darcee, I will be talking about my experience with my grandma as well as Darcee.

Both Darcee and my grandma have given me so many great opportunities to work with the skills I have learned. With Darcee, she has allowed me to work with some of the real-life situations where people come in to get their clothes tailored. She lets me work with measurements and problem solve to find what type of thread to use as well as stitching. While I’m working with Darcee, I work more with tailoring and fixing rather than creating pieces. However, this is just as important due to the fact it’s a fundamental. Because of this, I have been able to continuously expand on simple stiches, and simple techniques. Now, stitching a hem, or adding a pocket comes naturally to me. The relationship between me and Darcee right now is much better than it was when I started off. Now we can simply get down to work and the awkward tension isn’t there. The environment I learn in is a positive and open minded one.

On another end of the stick, my grandma has been a huge help as well. While I was in China, my grandma had some old templates that she wasn’t using. Together we went out to buy some fabric and started simple. The situation was almost perfect because it was almost one of my niece’s birthday and I wanted to make her something for her birthday. I ended up choosing to use 100% cotton that had a soft touch with a dog pattern on it. My niece chose the pattern out herself! ? I chose this fabric because cotton is an easier fabric to work with. It’s soft and cuts easily and doesn’t fray as much.

My grandma taught me techniques and logistical things from a different perspective than Darcee did. She taught simple things like how to hold the chalk so that I could get the most prominent mark on the fabric as well as how to pin it, so it comes easily when I sew. Though these things seem small and simple, they were a huge help. Everything starts from the foundation, right? The entire project took me 3 days (I happened to be sick during those days, so it gave me something to do) I ended up finishing and gave them to my niece just before her birthday. With the extra fabric, I created a small heat pack with rice inside.

Overall, these past 3 weeks, I’ve learned a plethora of new things and I plan on implementing them into some more projects in the near future.