1. S.T.E.P Wheel for the American Revolution


2. The American Revolution was much like other revolutions in which where the group in power is doing things that the people disagree with and the people protest to overthrow the people in power. This happened in the French Revolution, where the people overthrew the king and queen and in the English Civil War, where the people overthrew England’s government

In the modern day, there aren’t as many revolutions that follow this guideline as for most governments are mostly set. However, there could be a revolution that deals with Donald Trump. People are disagreeing with his actions and questioning them. There isn’t enough information to set in stone that there will There are articles that discuss how they are worried for a revolution like the article that CNBC wrote (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/17/robert-shiller-is-worried-about-the-trump-revolution.html) but these are all still hypothetical.

On the other hand, there are small protest that disagree with the government. For example, last year, the people of Australia fought for gay marriage and today, gay marriage is legal in Australia.


There are also protests, such as the protest against marijuana legalization. This story is slightly different because there is no dominant party as for both have strong points. There were also campaigns to impeach Trump in the past.

As well as, people still discuss the Federalist and Anti-Federalist situation all the time. A great example is the American fire arms situation that’s happening right now. The Liberals believe that the gun control laws on the Second Amendment should be changed, while the Conservatives believe it was set there for a reason and should stay the same.

3. At the end of the American Revolution, democracy was achieved. America was able to create its own government however, there were some bumps along the road. Some of the American colonists chose to remain loyal to British monarchy. Therefore, when the Americans won the revolution, over 80, 000 people who were loyal to Britain had to be relocated in British colonies. The first nations were also disregarded at first. When the Americans won, the first nations were in a sense thrown aside. However, people spoke up and in the end, the first nations remained loyal to Britain.

The Americans success inspired Europe. The people of France who helped fight in the American Revolution went back home with fresh eyes and realized that if America could revolt against their government so could they. Therefore, the success of America led to more revolutions such as the French Revolution.