It is now week 7 and we are practically halfway through in depth already!! From these 7 weeks I have learned plenty from my mentor, however, there are still challenges. One of the bigger ones is finding time. Both Darcee and I have very busy schedules. Luckily, Darcee is usually in the shop, meaning whenever I have an extra 2 hours between classes, or after some extra curricular, I make sure I drop by to get some learning done. Secondly, sometimes at the beginning, the tension can be awkward, but this problem is easily fixed once we get started.

Through this all, lots of things have went well. Darcee and I have created a bond in which I can ask questions ranging of all sorts and she is always willing to answer. She is always willing to give me a hand and occasionally lets me do some of the sewing to dip my feet in the water. She recommended me some books with sewing outlines that I can use and are simple and good for beginners. I asked my mom to go out and buy them for me and I also bought the fabric and I’ve cut out the fabric and pinned things in place.


After last weeks blog post, I worked on what I stated I would which led to a much more successful class for the past two weeks. Therefore I can’t see any major things that could go better. However, one of the minor things I could work in is creating a schedule rather than dropping by. Due to both of our schedules and some of the recent events, we haven’t really set a day for mentoring. Usually I drop by during her work hours and watch her work, ask questions, and help her out. I could work on contacting her before hand and setting a date. I could also work on

Something I can fix for myself is starting to alter my schedule that I created in my proposal to fit what progress I have done now. After 7 weeks, I have been able to experience it and I realized that I will need some more time than anticipated. Luckily, I gave my self 3 weeks of wiggle room in my proposal so I will use those to my advantage.