Month March 2018

Vocab Words

Opulence Unwitting Corroborate Intrinsic Treasonous Cyclical Predominant Peremptory Catalyst Sovereign Antithesis  

Letter in the 17th Century

September 24th, 1665 Dear King Charles ll, Everyday I look out into the streets, and I see the streets empty. The wind grazing through the gloomy sidewalk. The curbs are grimy and black, and I’ve never seen London look so… Continue Reading →

Wheel of Revolution: The American Revolution

1. S.T.E.P Wheel for the American Revolution 2. The American Revolution was much like other revolutions in which where the group in power is doing things that the people disagree with and the people protest to overthrow the people in… Continue Reading →

In Depth #4

  It is now week 7 and we are practically halfway through in depth already!! From these 7 weeks I have learned plenty from my mentor, however, there are still challenges. One of the bigger ones is finding time. Both… Continue Reading →

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