1 Inquiry Question: What is the story of my postcard?

The story behind my postcard is simple. Whenever I travel, I always collect a postcard. This postcard has special significance because out of all the places I’ve traveled to, New York is by far my favorite. As well as this postcard happens to have more than one scenic view on it, capturing the essence of  the city. I bought this postcard last minute on a street side shop on my way to the airport because on this trip, I forgot to buy some. Though the story of this postcard is small, it is a huge memento for me.

2 Source

This would be a primary source for my trip. However, if someone were to use this on a research project for New York this would be a secondary source. It was created by New Art Concept Inc. The photos and designs were by Sergey Keinik. The date is not specified on the post card but I bought it Winter of 2016.

3 Context

This postcard was made in 2016 meaning that the pictures on it were taken during that time. The city was big, there were big screen TV’s all over the cities, and tall buildings. New York is on an island and there’s water views and sunset views. This influences the source because of the time it was taken. If this postcard was made in an olden time, the pictures would be different, there wouldn’t be big screen TV’s and the buildings wouldn’t be as tall. Or if this postcard was made in the future the views would be drastically different.

4 Description

There are four different pictures on this source, each at a different type of day and in a different location. This shows New York in all it’s angles. As well as at the bottom in the letters of NEW YORK it shows some of New York’s biggest landmarks such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. We can’t explain why these photos were taken or if they were edited or not.


5 Inferences about perspective

The creator of this source would of been a photographer who liked landscape photography. They would of spent a lot time in the city and trying to find good views. The person might of belonged to editing groups and photography groups. The audience would be tourist that pass by New York to catch their eyes. This persons background culture wouldn’t have influenced the post card very much because this post card would have to attract to all people.

6 Inferences about inquiry question

We can learn what New York looked at that time and how big screen TV’s and tall buildings were a big part of tourism during this time. It shows how landscape photography was a big part of this time. On the back of the post card, it says its eco friendly showing how this time was a time where people cared for the environment. It confirms what I already know about our current society. However, it doesn’t tell me when these pictures were taken and if they were edited or not.