How can history help us to live in the present?

Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” In my opinion this quote covers up the majority of history.

Since the beginning of time, people have been learning lessons everyday and we can learn from what they learned. For example, we know that we can’t touch fire because someone touched it before and got burned. We learn from other peoples exper

However, we also expand on what people have done before to make our present living more convenient.  We take old inventions and use them as foundation for more advanced, more convenient invention. For example, the car started off as an old clunker and back in the day it was considered high technology, but now that car is considered a waste of space or a vintage center piece. However, because of the old clunker, we are able to have the fast sports cars we have today.

And its not only technology, history has helped us create different cultures and created a society that is accepting of those cultures. It’s created a new world, mentally, physically, psychologically and socially . These changes have given us a better world to live in. We learn from the mistakes people in our past have made, and we expand on creations that people in our past have made to make better creations. History helps us live in the present because if gives us material to play and shift to create a better present to live in.