During our mentoring session, I learned plenty of techniques. Due to the fact I haven’t been able to go out and get fabric because of distance and price, I’ve been observing and it’s been very beneficial. Since Darcee is a extraordinarily talented with some fabric and a sewing machine, I’ve picked up on a couple of tricks and tips here and there, just by watching.

However, even though the sessions go smoothly, there are some times where I feel obsolete during the session because Darcee can get very busy and I don’t want to get in her way for that period of time. I worked through this problem by flipping through a book that she recommended me, Essential Sewing Reference Tool, All in One Visual Guide. Pro-Stitch has a friendly work environment so if Darcee is busy, some of the other workers are willing to show me what their doing so I can learn.

Another strategy that I can use is that I can use is ask more questions. Though I already ask some questions, sometimes I withhold when she’s busy. To fix this, I can write down the questions and ask them when she’s not as busy. I can also see if Darcee will let me do some simple stitches. Not the main stuff, but maybe a simple straight stitch or a zig-zag stitch. Even though I have done these stitches before, doing it with Darcee would mean that I am hemming rather than creating. The other time that I used a straight stitch and zig-zag stitch was when I made my own pencil case. A third strategy I could use is recording some of the basic procedures when hemming while Darcee is doing it. This way, I can look back on them when I’m trying to do it myself.

Through the past five weeks, I’ve done lots of reading, observing, and taking notes. This weekend, I plan on getting fabric from Fabricana. I bought a book with some templates to make simple tops and I’m going to use the in depth instructions that come with the templates to sew it. I’ve hemmed some old jeans, as well as made three pencil cases with old fabric I had lying around, one with the zipper on the top, one with the zipper on the side, and one with a flap.

ZIP has been coming along well and I know it will go even faster and I’m ready to work through it with passion.