So far, I’ve had one meeting with my mentor. The meeting went swiftly and I got a lot of learning done.

My mentor, Darcee, works at Pro-Stitch almost everyday from 9 am to around when the store closes. She’s spent 5 years at Pro-Stitch and is a very experienced seamstress. In fact, everyone at Pro-Stitch is very experienced and very helpful. They’re all willing to give me tips here and there.

The meeting was located at Pro-Stitch allowing me to work in a sewing environment. The sewing machines that were there were both simplistic and complicated at the same time. The main features were all there in plain view, however all of the other gadgets and gizmo’s all had their own use. I reviewed how to thread a machine, and work with a bobbin. I learned the logistics of how the sewing machine works.

However, sewing aside, my mentor is very supportive, patient, and always willing to ask my questions. She was busy with her own work day, but always made some time to come help me out.

I’ve run into some problems, some of which I asked my mentor while I was there, others I figured out myself but checking online and reading the instruction manual that came with the machine.

All in all, I’ve been on track with my schedule and I’ve made plenty of progress, I can’t wait to see what else this project has in store for me.