Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of the inquiry.

Recently, I just added the final touch ups to my ZIP project. The process was difficult however I am glad I finished. Throughout this project, there were some areas in which I struggled with. One of them being that I thought too big. This resulted in me doing unnecessary work that took up my time. At the beginning of this inquiry, I thought too small, and throughout the project, I ended up having too big of a plan. The advice I would give myself, is to make sure that I don’t do extra work that isn’t necessary. Don’t swerve off track and make sure all the research I do is relevant to the inquiry itself. Make sure that the question I choose is specific enough so that I know where to look for information. As well as to follow the schedule I made. Over the break, there were some areas in which I slacked off on my schedule, causing extra work when I could of avoided the problem in the first place.