Month January 2018

MSND lazy sonnet

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How do our emotions influence our perceptions of the world around us?

William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream¬†displays just how easily emotions can influence our perceptions of the world around us. Our emotions act as a filter on the world around us. Love and anger both allow a person to make harsh… Continue Reading →

In Depth Blog Post #1

In Depth has just begun and its already been very busy. Over the past week, I went to different seamstresses and talked to the people who worked there in person.¬† I printed off a letter to give them a more… Continue Reading →

ZIP DoL #4 Winter Break

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of the inquiry. Recently, I just added the final touch ups to my ZIP project. The process was difficult however I am glad I finished. Throughout… Continue Reading →

ZIP DoL #3 December 25th 2017

Related to your learning evidence, what have you done to make retrieving information easier or more effective in class. Throughout my learning process, I realized that some of the resources I need were not available to me. The biggest one… Continue Reading →

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