Over the past week, from the videos we’ve watched, I’ve learned plenty about How to be a REAL success. All the attributes of being a REAL success, lead back to being a good leader. There were a couple of things that I learned that I never thought of before. One of which being equipping. I never realized that equipping is beneficial until after these videos. I can apply equipping into my everyday life by giving other people the materials and knowledge I have, and other people can give me theirs. This allows me to share the materials I have and gain more. Everyday we use the component of Relationship. We use it when we communicate with other people, both verbally and non-verbally. I’ve learned that to form positive relationship with others, I must form a healthy relationship with myself. Then there’s the component of attitude. We use attitude in everyday life as well, however sometimes we don’t use it correctly. As the videos stated, we get to chose what attitude we have, and that is something that I will work on starting now. Rather than just letting others from my attitude, I will form my own. Finally, is leadership. Leadership, in my opinion, is the umbrella term that covers success. All the things that lead to success also require leadership. We use leadership in our everyday lives, sometimes are more evident than others. We incorporate it into our lives whenever we take initiative of a task, and as the word states, lead.

All the skills I’ve learned throughout the past week can be used everyday, but especially used when it comes to TALONS. All the skills lead back to TALONS and I plan on using my newly gained skills on big projects such as in-depth and the leadership project.