Stereotypes are based off realistic situations or else they wouldn’t have been made. Whether that something was a physical attribute, a rumor, a preference, or a trend, there was always something the stereotype was base off. For example, a common stereotype is all Chinese are smart. This stereotype was made because education is very strict in China, therefore most people from China are very book smart. Another point to look at is that some stereotypes are outdated. Some stereotypes were made back in time, and things have changed since then so they are not relevant to the present, yet they are still used sometimes. Therefore, some people believe that stereotypes are wrong and ‘myths’. However, myths are false and are solely based on passed down stories. Stereotypes, on the other hand, are a generalizing statement, meaning the majority of the group that the stereotype refers to should fall under it. Stereotypes are not always a discriminating statement, sometimes they are just facts. As well as not all stereotypes refer to people, some refer to geography, businesses and many other situations.