Exposition – How Guo Pei grew up during the cultural revolution so she didn’t have access to fine arts and designing clothing

Inciting incident– The cultural revolution got lifted, and Guo Pei got to go into Bei Jing school of Industrial Design

Rising Action 1 – Guo Pei quit her job to pursue her own dreams, and started Rose Studios her own label.

Rising Action 2 – Guo Pei designed the 2008 Olympics and annual CCTV new years gala.

Rising Action 3 – Rhianna noticed one of her designs and decided to wear it to the 2015 MET Gala

Climax – People started to make fun of how extra Rhianna’s dress was and criticize it.

Falling action – Guo Pei looked passed it, instead pointed out the traditional value in the dress

Resolution – State all the things she’s done from then on and show how much she’s grown and how she’s left a footprint for all Chinese fashion designers.