In the story, “Dad is Dying,” Sam lies by saying that his dad is dying when its his dog that is dying. At the end of his narrative, it is portrayed that everything ends well and his lie is resolved with no consequences. The story makes the lie seem as if were beneficial. His dad seems to be more confident and his mom seems more relaxed. His entire neighborhood seems to be bonding and getting along better then before. However, if one is to look between the lines, they will realize that there are more cons to this scenario than pros. The main reason that the neighborhood is giving Morely gifts and compliments is not because of a kind heart, but instead from pity. Not only that, the characters in this story are being manipulated to give Morely gifts to do with health for no reason. As Michelle said in class, the ice cream girl gave Sam free ice cream because she thought he was going through a tough time. That action might have caused her a lecture from her boss or maybe even her job. What seems like a positive relationship between him and his community, is a forced, fake one. This lie also impacted Sam himself. Due to the one lie he said, he had to make many other small lies to cover up for his big one. He even used a lie to ‘resolve’ his original lie. So, all in all, even though his lie looks like a positive lie, it hurt the community more than it benefited it.