Hamilton Big Ideas

Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events

“There’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait”

Hamilton states that when he arrives in New York that he has so much that he wants to do. By the end, Hamilton has changed America forever and he simply was an immigrant from the Caribean who started with nothing.

Disparities in power alter the balance of relationship between individuals and between societies

“And every day while slaves were being slaughtered and carted away
Across the waves, he struggled and kept his guard up
Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of
The brother was ready to beg, steal, borrow, or barter”

This passage shows that the environment that Hamilton lived wasn’t very forgiving and this made it difficult for him to get things as simple as education. If he were born into a high class family, then he wouldn’t need to ‘beg, steal, borrow, or barter.”

Collective identity is constructed and can change over time

“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore 
And a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence impoverished,
In squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”
This shows that during that time, no one thought someone as ‘low class’ as Hamilton could make such a big impact on the world. It shows that overtime, people realize to rank people by ability rather than the family they were born into.

The physical environment influences the nature of political, social, and economic change

“Took up a collection just to send him to the mainland
Get your education, don’t forget from whence you came”

This passage shows that for Hamilton to make a change in the world in any way, he has to go to the ‘mainland’ (New York). The Caribbeans can’t give him the opportunity or education that he deserves and needs.


Independent Investigation #1

To what extent did les Filles du Roi change the health of New France?

Part A: Historical Significance

Les Filles du Roi was King Louis XIV idea to import young women into New France to marry with the men already there.


King Louis XIV

This was King Louis way of fixing the population gap that existed in 1663. The majority of these women were all poor and some were even orphans. Not only that, they also went through a series of tests to test their virginity to see if they were qualified to voyage to New France at the time. In fact, due to some of their health, only 1 in 10 women made it from the voyage. This resulted in 800 filles du roi, the king’s daughters, stepping foot and becoming the founding mothers of New France. Because these women were so crucial to the building up of New France at the time, all of their records were well recorded. These records included genealogy records.


Les Filles du Roi (The Kings Daughters) 1663


Mother’s Curse Diagram

In 2004, there was a mutation that was hypothesized by a group of scientists from New Zealand and the United States called the Mother’s Curse. This hypothesis stated that the mother’s curse is an evolutionary effect that a mitochondrial genome mutation is inherited. However, this mutation only has an effect on men and not on women.

It wasn’t until recently that there has been evidence to support that this mutation actually exists in humans. Before this, the most evident supporting piece of data was in flies. It just so happens that the evidence is shown in the French-Canadian part of the world.

T14484C is a rare genetic mutation that is also known as Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, is a mitochondrially inherited degeneration of retinal ganglion cells. In other words, this mutation leads to vision loss in both eyes. This mutation is primarily found in young men located in the Eastern Canada region. In 2005 at Universite de Montreal, they traced the ancestry of 11 patients with Leber’s disease back to one of the original Filles du Roi. The one mutation that she had is responsible for 89% of Leber’s caused in Quebec.

This disease doesn’t only impact someone’s vision, it also impacts a mans ability to reproduce which is why natural selection hasn’t weeded the mother’s curse out yet. The DNA of a person is mostly on chromosomes, but a small amount is on the power house of the cell, the mitochondria. Only the female passes on the mitochondria part of the gene, while the male only passes it over on chromosomes. However, according to the European Journal of Human Genetics, mitochondria dysfunction leads to lower fertility in men. This is because even though the sperm doesn’t pass on the mitochondria gene, the sperm itself is filled with mitochondria to and if the mitochondria has a mutation, then the sperm won’t be able to fertilize the egg.

The area around Quebec City is populated with the most people with the T14484C genetic mutation and it has been traced back to les Filles du Roi. Therefore, even though those women were the reason for the majority of the French Canadians today, they also brought in new diseases with them which harmed the health of Canadians. Though this is a huge health issue for the people who carry this mutation, it helps build on evolutionary biology and helps scientists build new medication and genetic diagnoses.

The sources that I used to find the information needed are linked below. The sources I used were all secondary sources except one primary source. The primary source I used was a science report that discusses the T14484C genetic mutation.

  1. Continuity and Change:

Some lives of French Canadians today are still impacted by the genetics of their ancestors from les Filles du Roi. Just like how les Filles du Roi is responsible for the large majority of French Canadians, they are also responsible for bringing in the mother’s curse to Canada. Scientists used to think that mitochondria dysfunction would get weeded out due to the great works of natural selection, but after some more research and a closer look at les Filles du Roi genetic documents, they are starting to question if it will ever weed out. Not only does Leber’s disease lend itself to self destruction (because it only harms men and is benign to women), it also lowers the chances of reproduction. As long as there is one woman with the mutation, the mutation will continue to spread.

The one major difference between then and now, is that now we have the knowledge and technology to be able to place a name to the disease and figure out what is causing it to happen. Even though it seems like a small step, it gives scientists something to work with to maybe find a way to fix the mutation and banish the ‘curse’.

  1. Cause and Consequence:

This mutation happened because King Louis XIV sent in les Filles du Roi and one of the women carried the mutation. The consequence meant her entire family line that were men to also carry the mutation, downgrading their health and ability to reproduce. Studies show that men who carry the mutation have a lower chance of getting married.

However, to contradict the point, carrying the mutation is better than having no one to carry the mutation. It was because of les Filles du Roi that we have the French Canadians we have today. As stated before, they were the founding mothers of Quebec and lots of French Canadians today can trace their ancestry back to the original 800.

Part B Social Studies Inquiry Processes:

In conclusion, I can say that one of the biggest health issues that les Filles du Roi brought into New France is the Mother’s Curse which was hypothesized in 2004 and is still getting proved today. Though the sick and poor women brought in many other diseases, the majority of them were weeded out with natural selection. The mother’s curse still has an impact on French Canadians today and is believed to be brought in by a single woman in les Filles du Roi. As stated before, those 800 women created the French-Canadian population, but they also created a disease that no one can quite understand, even now 355 years later. Les Filles du Roi was a big turning point in French-Canadian history, not only did the women increase the French population at the time,  they also unwittingly brought in a genetic mutation that is harming many young French-Canadian men but also can’t be solved.

Photo Citations


King’s Daughters and founding Mothers


Information sources:







In-Depth #5

As of week 11 things are going smoothly. In the past two weeks, I haven’t gotten a chance to work with Darcee for the past two weeks due to the fact I’ve been in China. Luckily, my grandma knows how to use a sewing machine and often sews herself, I was able to pick up a few things there. Therefore, in this blog post, rather than talking about my experience with Darcee, I will be talking about my experience with my grandma as well as Darcee.

Both Darcee and my grandma have given me so many great opportunities to work with the skills I have learned. With Darcee, she has allowed me to work with some of the real-life situations where people come in to get their clothes tailored. She lets me work with measurements and problem solve to find what type of thread to use as well as stitching. While I’m working with Darcee, I work more with tailoring and fixing rather than creating pieces. However, this is just as important due to the fact it’s a fundamental. Because of this, I have been able to continuously expand on simple stiches, and simple techniques. Now, stitching a hem, or adding a pocket comes naturally to me. The relationship between me and Darcee right now is much better than it was when I started off. Now we can simply get down to work and the awkward tension isn’t there. The environment I learn in is a positive and open minded one.

On another end of the stick, my grandma has been a huge help as well. While I was in China, my grandma had some old templates that she wasn’t using. Together we went out to buy some fabric and started simple. The situation was almost perfect because it was almost one of my niece’s birthday and I wanted to make her something for her birthday. I ended up choosing to use 100% cotton that had a soft touch with a dog pattern on it. My niece chose the pattern out herself! 😊 I chose this fabric because cotton is an easier fabric to work with. It’s soft and cuts easily and doesn’t fray as much.

My grandma taught me techniques and logistical things from a different perspective than Darcee did. She taught simple things like how to hold the chalk so that I could get the most prominent mark on the fabric as well as how to pin it, so it comes easily when I sew. Though these things seem small and simple, they were a huge help. Everything starts from the foundation, right? The entire project took me 3 days (I happened to be sick during those days, so it gave me something to do) I ended up finishing and gave them to my niece just before her birthday. With the extra fabric, I created a small heat pack with rice inside.

Overall, these past 3 weeks, I’ve learned a plethora of new things and I plan on implementing them into some more projects in the near future.


Letter in the 17th Century

September 24th, 1665

Dear King Charles ll,

Everyday I look out into the streets, and I see the streets empty. The wind grazing through the gloomy sidewalk. The curbs are grimy and black, and I’ve never seen London look so sorrowful. However, sometimes I will look out the window and must cover the eyes of my curious five-year-old daughter and distract my 12-year-old son. I’ll catch a glimpse of an innocent man, out on the streets, screaming in agony, splotches showing up on his skin, and a sense of agony and pain piercing through his eyes, as the last sound comes out of his mouth before he collapses to the ground.

My great king, I send this letter with no disrespect. Me, my husband, my entire family, we believed in you. Until you let my husband die. He started having a fever one night and I brought him cool wash cloths in attempt to cool him down. But no matter what I did, nothing was working. It wasn’t long until he complained about aching joints and started vomiting. My children were terrified and all I could do is give them false reassurance. “It’s okay sweetie, daddy just had a long day, he’ll be better soon.” I would say through the tears streaking down my face. I knew what was happening, we have been hit.

I dreaded the night where I had to drag my husbands body onto the street, and into the back of a rocky cart, to be taken to the plague pit. My daughter wouldn’t let go of his hand, and my son wouldn’t even walk out the door. I lugged out a bucket of red paint and draw a cross across our door complimented with “Lord have mercy on us”, just like the other houses on our street.

My son wouldn’t come out of his room for days. I left him food at his door every day and whispered him good night through the door. He would always moan in response, until one night he didn’t. It killed me when I saw his body get towed away along with the other bodies of innocent men.

Now my daughter has a high fever and cries every day. I feel nauseous and my joints aren’t as healthy as they were a week ago. My dear king, I fear that this disease is about to take my daughter and I can’t help her. It seems as if I have failed my job to her as her mother.

You are Gods representative, you are God himself. So why did you flee? Why did you take my treasured family, my happy family, away from me? I never asked of much from you because I believed in you. Money doesn’t matter, nor does the battered house we live in and same goes with the crippling land we have. But my family does.

King Charles ll, God, whoever you are, I believed in you; but with these past events, I’m starting to doubt my choice of believing you. And as of right now, I don’t have much to believe in and I have no one to lean on, so please save my daughter, give me a miracle, give me a reason to believe you,.


Lots of love,


Wheel of Revolution: The American Revolution

1. S.T.E.P Wheel for the American Revolution


2. The American Revolution was much like other revolutions in which where the group in power is doing things that the people disagree with and the people protest to overthrow the people in power. This happened in the French Revolution, where the people overthrew the king and queen and in the English Civil War, where the people overthrew England’s government

In the modern day, there aren’t as many revolutions that follow this guideline as for most governments are mostly set. However, there could be a revolution that deals with Donald Trump. People are disagreeing with his actions and questioning them. There isn’t enough information to set in stone that there will There are articles that discuss how they are worried for a revolution like the article that CNBC wrote (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/17/robert-shiller-is-worried-about-the-trump-revolution.html) but these are all still hypothetical.

On the other hand, there are small protest that disagree with the government. For example, last year, the people of Australia fought for gay marriage and today, gay marriage is legal in Australia.


There are also protests, such as the protest against marijuana legalization. This story is slightly different because there is no dominant party as for both have strong points. There were also campaigns to impeach Trump in the past.

As well as, people still discuss the Federalist and Anti-Federalist situation all the time. A great example is the American fire arms situation that’s happening right now. The Liberals believe that the gun control laws on the Second Amendment should be changed, while the Conservatives believe it was set there for a reason and should stay the same.

3. At the end of the American Revolution, democracy was achieved. America was able to create its own government however, there were some bumps along the road. Some of the American colonists chose to remain loyal to British monarchy. Therefore, when the Americans won the revolution, over 80, 000 people who were loyal to Britain had to be relocated in British colonies. The first nations were also disregarded at first. When the Americans won, the first nations were in a sense thrown aside. However, people spoke up and in the end, the first nations remained loyal to Britain.

The Americans success inspired Europe. The people of France who helped fight in the American Revolution went back home with fresh eyes and realized that if America could revolt against their government so could they. Therefore, the success of America led to more revolutions such as the French Revolution.


In Depth #4


It is now week 7 and we are practically halfway through in depth already!! From these 7 weeks I have learned plenty from my mentor, however, there are still challenges. One of the bigger ones is finding time. Both Darcee and I have very busy schedules. Luckily, Darcee is usually in the shop, meaning whenever I have an extra 2 hours between classes, or after some extra curricular, I make sure I drop by to get some learning done. Secondly, sometimes at the beginning, the tension can be awkward, but this problem is easily fixed once we get started.

Through this all, lots of things have went well. Darcee and I have created a bond in which I can ask questions ranging of all sorts and she is always willing to answer. She is always willing to give me a hand and occasionally lets me do some of the sewing to dip my feet in the water. She recommended me some books with sewing outlines that I can use and are simple and good for beginners. I asked my mom to go out and buy them for me and I also bought the fabric and I’ve cut out the fabric and pinned things in place.


After last weeks blog post, I worked on what I stated I would which led to a much more successful class for the past two weeks. Therefore I can’t see any major things that could go better. However, one of the minor things I could work in is creating a schedule rather than dropping by. Due to both of our schedules and some of the recent events, we haven’t really set a day for mentoring. Usually I drop by during her work hours and watch her work, ask questions, and help her out. I could work on contacting her before hand and setting a date. I could also work on

Something I can fix for myself is starting to alter my schedule that I created in my proposal to fit what progress I have done now. After 7 weeks, I have been able to experience it and I realized that I will need some more time than anticipated. Luckily, I gave my self 3 weeks of wiggle room in my proposal so I will use those to my advantage.

Sourcing a Significant Personal Object

1 Inquiry Question: What is the story of my postcard?

The story behind my postcard is simple. Whenever I travel, I always collect a postcard. This postcard has special significance because out of all the places I’ve traveled to, New York is by far my favorite. As well as this postcard happens to have more than one scenic view on it, capturing the essence of  the city. I bought this postcard last minute on a street side shop on my way to the airport because on this trip, I forgot to buy some. Though the story of this postcard is small, it is a huge memento for me.

2 Source

This would be a primary source for my trip. However, if someone were to use this on a research project for New York this would be a secondary source. It was created by New Art Concept Inc. The photos and designs were by Sergey Keinik. The date is not specified on the post card but I bought it Winter of 2016.

3 Context

This postcard was made in 2016 meaning that the pictures on it were taken during that time. The city was big, there were big screen TV’s all over the cities, and tall buildings. New York is on an island and there’s water views and sunset views. This influences the source because of the time it was taken. If this postcard was made in an olden time, the pictures would be different, there wouldn’t be big screen TV’s and the buildings wouldn’t be as tall. Or if this postcard was made in the future the views would be drastically different.

4 Description

There are four different pictures on this source, each at a different type of day and in a different location. This shows New York in all it’s angles. As well as at the bottom in the letters of NEW YORK it shows some of New York’s biggest landmarks such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. We can’t explain why these photos were taken or if they were edited or not.


5 Inferences about perspective

The creator of this source would of been a photographer who liked landscape photography. They would of spent a lot time in the city and trying to find good views. The person might of belonged to editing groups and photography groups. The audience would be tourist that pass by New York to catch their eyes. This persons background culture wouldn’t have influenced the post card very much because this post card would have to attract to all people.

6 Inferences about inquiry question

We can learn what New York looked at that time and how big screen TV’s and tall buildings were a big part of tourism during this time. It shows how landscape photography was a big part of this time. On the back of the post card, it says its eco friendly showing how this time was a time where people cared for the environment. It confirms what I already know about our current society. However, it doesn’t tell me when these pictures were taken and if they were edited or not.

Socials Blog Post #1

How can history help us to live in the present?

Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” In my opinion this quote covers up the majority of history.

Since the beginning of time, people have been learning lessons everyday and we can learn from what they learned. For example, we know that we can’t touch fire because someone touched it before and got burned. We learn from other peoples exper

However, we also expand on what people have done before to make our present living more convenient.  We take old inventions and use them as foundation for more advanced, more convenient invention. For example, the car started off as an old clunker and back in the day it was considered high technology, but now that car is considered a waste of space or a vintage center piece. However, because of the old clunker, we are able to have the fast sports cars we have today.

And its not only technology, history has helped us create different cultures and created a society that is accepting of those cultures. It’s created a new world, mentally, physically, psychologically and socially . These changes have given us a better world to live in. We learn from the mistakes people in our past have made, and we expand on creations that people in our past have made to make better creations. History helps us live in the present because if gives us material to play and shift to create a better present to live in.